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PHP developer ‘Website and Marketing’ squad

About your position:

  • you develop new functionality for our website or improve on what we already have: for example, in the past year we have allowed our customers to order a personalised gift through Amazon;
  • you are in close contact with our E-commerce team and work together to improve our website in order to make it even easier for our customers to place an order;
  • you mainly programme using PHP, sometimes in JavaScript;
  • you write queries in SQL and develop the use interface in Twig/Sass, with assistance from our UX designer and your front-end developer colleague;
  • you connect our software with third-party solutions such as Elastic Search;
  • you assist with the implementation of various marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Segment;
  • you are closely involved in the ‘Website and Marketing’ squad, together with four colleagues: every Monday morning, you get together to plan, you come together daily to come to the best solution for the issues that you come across as a team and review each other’s code;

About you:

  • you love the art of software developing;
  • you’re not satisfied with the software you’re creating until the user is satisfied;
  • you have extensive experience with PHP webdevelopment, but have no problem working with Javascript and/or CSS - ideally you have experience working with Twig and Sass;
  • you’d be excited about creating a new service in Go or Elixir (or a different programming tool that you’ve perhaps never heard of;
  • you have completed an IT course or are self-taught in PHP;
  • you enjoy working in a team, Agile is your middle name;
  • you can work with Git and preferably have experience with Gitlab, Phpstorm, Vagrant, Docker, Terraform and/or automated tests (such as with Cypress)

Where you’ll be working:

Our software is the driving engine behind YourSurprise’s fast paced growth. From online personalisation software to the automatic placement of purchase orders and from developing our own webshop (for 22 countries) to controlling all production department machinery: we created all of the software ourselves. 

You’ll be working in a diverse and young team consisting of fifteen software developers, a tester, system administrator, data scientist and a teamlead. We are split into various squads but work on the building blocks of our company as a team. We are forward-thinking and never stand still. In 2019, we will be moving our entire platform to a Kubernetes cluster at Google (assisted by Terraform), taking part in a Data Science course as a team and practising writing automated tests with Cypress together. 

What’s in it for you:

  • choose your own laptop; Macbook Pro or Dell with Linux;
  • no messing around with ‘billable hours’ or customers that are unwilling to pay for a necessary upgrade from PHP 5.3 to a newer version;
  • one afternoon every other week to spend working on your own skills;
  • an unspecified budget for visits to conferences and workshops - the only rule is that you must be able to explain why you need to go to any colleague within the company;
  • a huge amount of freedom and responsibility: we value the opinion of every developer, experienced or not and allow you to organise your work as you wish to;
  • a unique team spirit: we organise our own hackathons, LAN-parties, invite a software guru over for a private workshop every now and then and also organise other outings


  • travel allowance for car and/or public transport;
  • a collective pension plan, for when you retire;
  • 25 days of leave (based on a 40-hour week) and 8% of your gross annual salary as holiday allowance;
  • delicious lunch (at a low cost) and fresh fruit every day;
  • endless cuddles from the sweetest office dog ever;
  • the chance to join the YourSurprise sports team, enjoy cool parties, hang out on Friday afternoons and join us for the annual legendary weekend away with the whole company. Only if you want to, of course.

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Mo. bis Fr: 8.30-17.30 Uhr

0211 2409085

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